Omic technologies and bioinformatics unit

Omic technologies and bioinformatics unit

Research Support Unit

Omics technologies are those based on methodologies that allow obtaining large amounts of data about one or millions of analytes of a sample or millions of cells independently, with the aim of obtaining a global and at the same time deep vision of the associated molecular changes. to a physiological or pathological state.
The omic technologies laboratory aims to contribute these technologies to neuroscience studies carried out at the CSIC and in our environment. The laboratory is equipped with what is necessary to carry out massive sequencing studies of both whole genomes and whole tissue or single cell transcriptomes and the bioinformatics analysis of the results thanks to our bioinformatics unit integrated into our laboratory.

Service benefits offered by the unit

  • RNA quality analysis:For the preparation of libraries for NGS, validation of the quantity and quality of the purified RNAs is essential. For this, in this service, RNA will be quantified by spectrophotometry with the One nanodrop system (thermofisher). If the amount of RNA is sufficient (>0.5mg/ml) and is free of interferences (Ratio 260/280nm approx 1.8-2; ratio 260/230 2-2.2), then the integrity of the RNAs will be validated using a test system. capillary gel electrophoresis and fluorescence detection (Bioptic, Inc). This system allows to analyze in small volumes of samples, the quality of an RNA from the ratio between the 18S and 28S rRNA signals. 18S/28S ratio values between 7 and 10 are considered valid for the following NGS library preparation protocols.
  • Preparation, purification or quantification of DNA and RNA samples:Nucleic Acid Purification: Genomic DNA, Plasmid DNA. Scales: Miniprep, Midiprep and Maxiprep. Total RNA from tissue or cell cultures. For more information contact the Unit


Responsible: Jaime Pignatelli


Phone: 915 854 736

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