Scientific image and microscopy unit

Scientific image and microscopy unit

Research Support Unit

The Scientific Imaging and Microscopy Unit was created in 1995 and is part of the Support Units and Facilities of the Cajal Institute (CSIC). The fundamental objective is to offer support and technical support to research groups in the study, detection and identification of molecules and cellular structures in tissue sections and cell cultures through the use of fluorescent markers, using Confocal and Fluorescence Microscopy techniques, and processing, analysis and 3D reconstruction of the images acquired on said equipment. For this, the Unit has two Leica SP5 Confocal Microscopes, two Fluorescence stations, a Neurolucid Stereo Investigator, Analysis and Image Processing equipment, and other multimedia equipment.


  • LEICA SP-5 direct confocal microscope
  • LEICA SP-5 Inverted Confocal Microscope
  • LEICA AF 6500-7000 fluorescence microscope
  • LEICA DMI 6000 fluorescence microscope
  • Neurolucid and Stereo Investigator
  • Image processing and analysis programs: Leica LAS AF 2.5, Metamorph 7.7, Image J/FIJI
  • Computer with scanner


Technical support: Ricardo Martínez | Gabriela de Alba Amo

PHONE: 915854751
LOCATION: Ground level
SCHEDULE: 8:30-15:00
RATES AND RESERVATIONS: Contact the Unit for more information.

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