Shopping and warehouse

Shopping and warehouse


The Shopping and Warehouse Unit is in charge of guaranteeing the sufficient supply of articles and products, as well as the proper management and custody of stocks of chemical substances, laboratory materials, and other products, verifying the accuracy of the registration of goods, materials and supplies, as well as the integration of the data that make up the catalog of products handled by the different laboratories and Units, as well as the information that makes up the detail of their inventories.


  • Maintenance of warehouse stock and delivery of material.
  • Verification of physical stocks of goods, materials and supplies, reconciling balances with records to maintain sufficient stock of each.
  • Request prices, budgets, negotiate discounts with suppliers, etc.
    Management, monitoring, control, and delivery of orders.
  • Reception of goods, materials and/or supplies, checking quantity, characteristics and quality.
  • Provide information to users about material, catalogues, commercial houses, etc.
  • Register of commercial houses updated, with indication of addresses of mail, email, fax, and name of person in charge.
  • Storage and archive of catalogs of commercial houses.
  • Update of that file.
  • Schedule, direct and control the activities of reception, dispatch, registration and control of the goods destined for the use and/or consumption of the common Units of the Center.
  • Annually raise the physical inventory of fixed assets and stocks in the established warehouses.

Functioning protocol

  • Before placing any order, you must be registered in the center’s database and be authorized by the person in charge of your laboratory or service.
  • To make any type of order, it is necessary to fill out an order voucher, which must include the charge account and this must be signed by the person who owns the account or by the authorized person.
  • External orders: they are used to request directly from suppliers, a voucher will be completed and delivered to the warehouse service, once reviewed, a number will be assigned and processed.
  • Internal orders: used for the removal of material in the warehouse, for this procedure a voucher must be filled out using the
    Warehouse computer application.


2 Safety cabinets for solvents.
1 refrigerator
1 chest freezer


RESPONSIBLE: Sonia Martínez Alonso
Phone: 915854749

SCHEDULE: From 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.
The material dispatch schedule, except for unforeseen events, will be from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Basement S-02

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