8M at the Cajal Institute. 2024.

The CSIC is an organization that actively works in the effective promotion of gender equality, as well as in the integration of the gender perspective in the contents and developments of research and innovation. All the information and documentation in the context of equality in science at the CSIC can be found at the following links:

  • Science in equality. From this link you can download relevant documents and information such as the III Plan for Equality between women and men in the AGE and its Public Organisms, information on the different steps taken by the CSIC in the implementation of the Plan for Equality between women and men in the CSIC, the protocol for prevention and intervention against sexual harassment, the AGE’s work-life balance guide and a guide for a non-sexist use of language.
  • Women and science Commission
  • Delegated Commission on Equality

Equality committee of the Cajal Institute (IC)

The IC Equality Committee was established in January 2024, aligning with the equality policies enacted by both the General State Administration and the CSIC. Its primary mission is to enact genuine and impactful gender mainstreaming within the IC, thereby guaranteeing parity in rights, responsibilities, and opportunities between women, men, and avoiding gender discrimination. To address any concerns, inquiries, or suggestions, you can contact this Committee through: or directly with any of its members by phone or in person.

Members of the equality committee of the IC

  • Marta Navarrete Llinás (Tel. 91 585 4710)
  • Jorge García Marques (Tel. 91 585 4738)
  • Paula Merino Serrais (Tel. 91 067 9299)
  • Pablo Méndez García (Tel. 91 585 4756)
  • María Ángeles Arévalo Arévalo (Tel. 91 585 4729)
  • Carlos Vicario Abejón (Tel. 91 585 4721)
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