Training and initiation to the research career

Training and initiation to the research career

The research vocation of the Cajal Institute is not limited exclusively to the scientific activity carried out in its laboratories. One of the main objectives of the center is to contribute to the training of future neuroscientists, having become from its origins the most outstanding and active research institute in the teaching of Neurosciences.

In the departments and research groups of the Cajal Institute, undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students are trained, as well as postdoctoral researchers, who begin and guide their research career in different disciplines related to the study of the brain, also facilitating and promoting the incorporation of new talent to neuroscientific research.

Collaboration with Spanish and foreign universities

Since its inception, the training activity carried out by the Cajal Institute has been closely linked to the regulated higher education programs offered by universities in its environment in different fields of Neuroscience. In addition to its participation in these training programs, the center regularly feeds university classrooms with specialized teachers in various areas of brain study.

The center maintains strong links with the neighboring universities of the Community of Madrid, establishing a fruitful collaboration with all of them for decades. Most of the Institute’s research group leaders participate in different master’s courses and regularly receive students from numerous national and international educational institutions who come to the Cajal Institute both to complete their practical and academic training, and to start their research career in the hand of the most advanced and leading groups.

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