Scientific culture

Scientific culture

Research support unit

The Scientific Culture Unit of the Cajal Institute is in charge of supporting and promoting activities to disseminate both the scientific knowledge generated within the CSIC and its associated centers. The objective of this unit is to improve the culture, knowledge and training of citizens in neuroscience.

What does the Scientific Culture Unit of the Cajal Institute do?

It carries out outreach activities to promote neuroscientific culture among citizens, participating in national and international events such as

  1. Women’s and Girls’  Day in Science, Brain Week or Researchers’ Night.
  2. Communicates the scientific productivity of the Cajal Institute

You can see some of his past activities here


Technical support: Laura Ramos del Álamo | Vicky Garrido Martínez | Emilio Tejera Puente

E-mail: | |

PHONE: 913907550
LOCATION: ground level
SCHEDULE: 9-17:30

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