Continuous training

Continuous training

The Cajal Institute collaborates in highly qualified continuing education programs for graduate students through an institutional collaboration with the Public State Employment Service (SEPE):

Dissemination of knowledge

The center works actively to establish links with all types of entities and institutions for the dissemination of scientific knowledge generated in its laboratories.

For this purpose, the Institute organizes numerous informative events that enjoy a great reception and social impact, and its members regularly participate in different types of public events to disseminate their research activity (science fairs, public conferences, open-door sessions, interviews with media, etc.)

Specialized seminars

The Cajal Institute annually develops nearly fifty specialized seminars (approximately one each week), taught by leading national and international researchers.

The center also organizes important international symposiums on Neuroscience that already have a great tradition and prestige, such as the CajalXmas Meeting, where every year the most outstanding young neuroscientists on the international scene present and share their lines of research.

Seminar schedule

You can stay informed of all the seminars and informative and training activities organized by the Cajal Institute in our activities calendar:

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