Proyecto europeo Eranet SysBio+ 2010 para Gonzalo García de Polavieja

Instituto Cajal – Noticias

Gonzalo García de Polavieja (Instituto Cajal, CSIC), along with German sumbrad (ENS, France), Uwe Straehle (ITG, Germany) and Elad Schneideman (Weizmann, Israel) has obtained a European project Eranet SysBio + 2010 titled ‘Understanding making decisions based on the dynamics of neuronal populations in zebrafish. » The researcher Gonzalo G. Polavieja coordinates the project in order to study decision making as an essential element of cognitive abilities. Decision making has been studied by many disciplines, from mathematics to behavioral psychology. Despite these studies, it has been difficult to find the corresponding neural substrates. The approved project proposes a multidisciplinary approach of Systems Biology in order to understand the mechanisms of neural networks responsible for making decisions in zebrafish.

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