When cinema fakes us: how visual effects play with our brain

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Activities | 0 comments

In March the 20th, at 19h, we will display, in Washington Buño Seminar Room in Cajal Institute, an event titled ‘When cinema fakes us: how visual effects play with our’.

In this activity, we will listen to expert in different fields in which neuroscience combines with cinema: Carolina Jiménez (@OKinfografia), visual effects artist which has participated in astounding movies (‘The Hobbit’ trilogy, Marvel and DC universe, modern films of ‘The planet of the apes’, etc…); Dr. Luis M. Martínez (Neurosciences Institute in Alicante-Miguel Hernández University), expert in how brain perceives ilusions; and Dr. Juan Camilo Moreno (Automatic and Robotics Center), robotical engineer, creator of Cajal Virtual Tour, and who uses virtual reality for patients neurorehabilitation. Dr. José Luis Trejo (Cajal Institute), neuroscientific and great fan of cinema, will moderate the discussion.

This event is part of Brain Awareness Week 2024. You can discover more in this promo video.

Assistance is limited by space in the room. To be sure you have a set, please send a reservation by an e-mail to comunica@cajal.csic.es.

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