Development of the telencephalon: cerebral cortex and olfactory system

Development of the telencephalon: cerebral cortex and olfactory system







The interest of our group is focused on the study of the development of the telencephalon, taking into account the spatiotemporal origin of each population of cells that participate in the formation of the nuclei and constituent structures. These studies are performed at the anatomical, cellular, and molecular levels.

Research lines of the laboratory 
  1. Spatiotemporal origin of Subplate cells. Dynamics of cell migration and molecular mechanisms involved. Characterization of this cell typology.
  2. Study of the development of the Cerebral Cortex. Origin of its constituent cells, migratory routes and mechanisms used by different cell populations to reach their adult disposition.
  3. Sequential study of the development of the different nuclei and structures that constitute the telencephalic vesicles. Origin and migratory routes of the cell populations that form each structure.
  4. Extra-telencephalic origin of some telencephalic cell populations: the extended amygdala.
Experimental approaches 
  • Experimental embryology
  • Intracerebral injections performed in utero, guided by ultrasound echography
  • Culture of whole embryos (in toto), in roller bottles
  • Cellular transplants and implants of solid pieces of tissue
  • Organotypic cultures
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Gene probe synthesis, in situ hybridization, vector construction
  • Electroporation of intrauterine injected plasmids
  • Light, fluorescence and confocal microscopy
  • Classic histology (Golgi stain, Nissl, etc.)


Juan A. de Carlos

Principal Investigator


Recent publications

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