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Discover Biology at Single Cell Resolution

Unlocking the potential for single-cell sequencing at scale with combinatorial indexing, from scRNA to scMethylation



Chiara Reggio


Fecha y hora

6 de Febrero 2024 12.30



Instituto Cajal


Our single cell technology platform uses combinatorial barcoding of analytes within cells themselves (cDNA, DNA, Protein) which eliminates the requirement for specialized cell partitioning instrumentation.

Cells or nuclei are passed through a series of barcoded wells using our patented split and pool methodology, uniquely labeling cells and their analytes (e.g. cDNA). This exponentially scalable technology enables barcoding of millions of cells with only several barcoded multi-well plates. Using next-generation sequencing, each single cell profile is deconvoluted and it’s analyte profile assembled.

The technology is scalable, profiling 100’s of samples and 100,000 to millions of cells per experiment. Flexible, fixation enables storage and batching of samples. This instrument-free workflow only requires reagent kits, basic laboratory equipment, and simple plastics. Our technology and methods are both compatible with and independent of on-market single cell systems.

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