Sensing Developmental Timing


Nuria M Romero

Date and time

May 5 2023 12:30


Instituto Cajal


The timing at which Juvenile-to-adult developmental transition (JDT) occurs defines the right moment to tilt the resources from growth to reproduction. JDT is a maturation process arising after the activation of the neuroendocrine axis. Therefore, complex crosstalk between growth/metabolism and the neuroendocrine axis
has been established in vertebrates and invertebrates. Nevertheless, several observations support that JDT timing determination also require the integration of non-metabolic information. Emblematic examples of this include delayed maturation in isolated rats, advanced development of chickens exposed to high temperatures, and early pupation in infected female mosquitoes. Such unknown non-metabolic integration cries out for an explanation. This seminar will summarize our recent results regarding how the neuroendocrine system integrates non-metabolic environmental signals. For this, we use the Drosophila model, in which we and others have established that the neuroendocrine axis shows several structural and functional parallels even with mammals.

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