Science will be done by Rita!: an activity around 11-F

Cajal Institute – Activities

‘On February the 16th, at 18h, we will develop the divulgation activity ‘Science will be done by Rita!”, in which we will talk about the amazing figure of Rita Levi-Montalcini as a starting point for a discussion about the role of women in sience. The event -which is part of the activities around 11-F, International Day of Women and Girls in Science- will be organized by Scientific Culture Unit in Cajal Institute in collaboration with Dr. Aixa Morales, and will be carried out in Cajal Institute Seminars Room (Avenida del Dr. Arce, 37, Madrid).

We have created a promo video with the participation of some members of Cajal Institute. The event will be interactive, an publich will have the opportunity to participate, express an opinion and display knowledge. We will also have a contest, and who answers more correct questions (and quicker) will receive a version of the board game  Cortex (a card-based game which tests your intelligence), as well as 2 seats for our talk-workshop ‘Your brain likes chocolate’ (April/May) and a chocolate batch which will be received in the talk-workshop.

Actitivy is open to any kind of public until space is complete. To make a reservation, please send an e-mail to

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