Conference in Rome: ‘Romans are crazy!’, or how peplum cinema has talked about mental disorders

Cajal Institute – News

Emilio Tejera, member of the Scientific Culture Unit of Cajal Institute, will develop, on December the 14th at 5pm, in the Spanish School of History and Archeology in Rome (EEHAR-CSIC), the conference: ‘Romans are crazy!’, about how historical cinema about Antiquity (usually called peplum) has talked about mental disorders, and what we can learn about them from this kind of movies.

Thanks to this conference, we will discover that many mental diseases were already present in old civilizations, though they were expresssed in a different way, and how they influenced in History. We will also study how cinema has talked about this pathologies (not always in a realistic way) and how cinema makes an effect in our mind and the way we perceive past and present.

The conference will be developed in Spanish and can be watched alive in the building of  EEHAR in Rome, or through its Youtube channel.

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