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Laboratory of inhibitory microcircuits


The laboratory investigates the role of inhibitory microcircuits in the physiology and function of neuronal networks in the cortex and hippocampus. The final aim is to determine the synaptic, celular and system mechanisms used by inhibitory neurons to regulate brains functions such as learning and memory.

Our current goals are:

1. Understand how memory formation modifies inhibitory cortical circuits.

2. Determine the role of inhibitory synaptic plasticity in memory consolidation and extinction.

3. Define how Alzheimer disease alters the function of hippocampal inhibitory microcircuits.

The laboratory applies technology for electrophysiological recording of electric neuronal activity to the study of inhibitory synapse physiology. Optogenetic techniques are used to study synaptic plasticity mechanisms and define the role of specific inhibitory neuronal populations in behavior.

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