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The Institute in numbers

Economic resources

The staff salaries and most of the building´s running costs are covered by the central institution, the CSIC. The scientific activities, however, are funded by external grants that faculty members must obtain from national, international or private agencies on competitive bases. On average, the total annual budget of the institute is about six million euros per year. more+


Human resources

The personnel linked to the IC includes scientists (staff or trainees) and support personnel (technical or administative). All together, 50% of them have a permanent position following a public context procedure. The linkage of the remaining personnel is through temporal contracts of fellowships associated to research projects. The Cajal Institute harbours a large number of postdoctoral researchers of long professional tracks, in particular those hired under the Ramón y Cajal and I3P programmes. Also, the Institute offers temporal contracts for technical training in cooperation with the programmes sponsored by the Regional Government of Madrid. more+



The scientific activity of the institute is coordinated with that of national and foreign centers, and it materializes in joint publications. Half of these collaborations take place with European centers and about one third with institutions in USA and Canada. In addition, the institute maintains relevant contract with the private industry with whom joint research activities are carried out. Institute members have filled patents resulting from work done at the center laboratories. In the national frame, the collaborations include virtually all national communities which facilitates the IC role as coordinator of neurobiological research in Spain. more+



The Institute´s activity materializes as publications in specialized journals subject to the peer-review system. In turn, each journal is classified under the criterion of the so called impact factor. All these features are internationally admitted criteria to evaluate research quality. These data rank the IC among the best Neurobiological Research Centers in Europe. more+


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