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The Cajal Institute makes available to interested job offers and scholarships available.

  International Call for Permanent Positions at CSIC (OEP)


The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC, see https://www.csic.es) opens regularly permanent research positions in all scientific fields to join its research institutes and centers. These calls are open under the “Oferta Publica de Empleo (OEP)” in Spain.

These positions are funded as civil servants, offering a permanent employment contract with full social security and retirement coverage and benefits; candidates:
-must hold a PhD, being equivalent to an spanish PhD
-must be spanish or any other EU-nationality

Selected candidates are expected to develop a long-term scientific career, perform independent research, attract competitive funding, and establish their own research groups or join to existing ones playing a relevant role.

Applications from women are especially welcome.

The calls are listed below.

They can be found in the spanish official bulletin (BOE, see www.boe.es) and also in the corresponding CSIC page (see https://sede.csic.gob.es/servicios/formacion-y-empleo/convocatorias-personal )


-9 positions as Research Full Professors (Profesores de Investigacion, N29), WILL OPEN IN SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER ’19


-25 positions as Researchers (Investigadores Cientificos, N28), WILL OPEN IN SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER ’19


If you are potentially interested, send a mail to vicyt [at] csic.es for further info on how to apply, as some previous steps may require some time (like crediting the equivalent PhD).
Please include a copy of you short CV, and indicate clearly the profile and specific center you plan to apply. All info will be kept confidential, and erased from our records after the application has been completed.


(for reference, where specific conditions can be checked)
-2 positions as Research Full Professors (2016)
(in Spanish, official call)

-7 positions as Researchers (2017)
(in Spanish, official call)

CSIC portal to check all open positions and status of calls (in Spanish):


The selection process will be a merit-based competition divided in TWO phases:


Objective: Verification and qualification of the merits presented by the applicants in their CV, as well as in the documentation provided.
– Oral and public presentation by the applicant, maximum time one hour, of the alleged merits and of the scientific work developed described in the CV.
– The jury will discuss with the applicant, without time limit, the content of his/her oral presentation, being able to formulate all the questions that it deems appropriate and, mainly, those related to the most relevant work topics of his/her research.

Merits (Up to 40 points)

Up to 8 points: Scientific and/or technological objectives pursued throughout his/her research career, with emphasis on the key lines of future research.

Up to 18 points: Scientific and/or technological contributions made taking into account their quality and impact. The qualification of this section must adequately assess two types of contributions based on the scientific and/or technological orientation of the applicant’s research activity. Scientific contributions should be valued in the form of original published research papers and in the direction and participation in R&D research projects with public and private, national and international entities.
In the case of candidates with a technological profile, considering: 1) Technological contributions, assessing the quality and impact of licensed patents; 2) Creation of Technology Base companies with technology transfer agreements with Public Research Organizations and with other entities professionally related to the applicant. 3) Participation in contracts and R&D projects with public and private, national and international entities.

Up to 14 points: The writing and publication of books, book chapters, monographs, etc. that are the result of scientific work and have not been considered or valued in the previous section. The preparation of scientific reports and participation in works and reports of scientific advice and technological support. Geological, hydrological, oceanographic, energetic, environmental, biosanitary or any other scientific studies carried out for research purposes. Representation and participation in national and international scientific and/or technological organizations and institutions. Jobs or stays in national and foreign research centers. Participation in scientific and / or technological conferences, seminars, courses.
The supervision of doctoral dissertations or thesis. The supervision and training of research staff. The publication of scientific and/or technological articles in dissemination journals.
Any other merit claimed by the applicant related to the specialty object of the call.

Final score: The final score of each applicant in this phase will be determined by the sum of the scores assigned in each of the sections a), b) and c) of the scale, being necessary to reach at least 20 points to pass to the 2nd phase. In no case may the score obtained in this 1st phase be applied to pass the 2nd phase.


Objective:Verify the appropriateness of the merits, competencies and abilities of the applicants with the characteristics and functions of the position for which they apply.

Oral and public presentation by the applicant, during a maximum time of one hour, of his/her vision about the current state of the profile object of the call, as well as of its possible lines of evolution and of the activity that the candidate plans to develop in relation to them.

The Evaluation Tribunal will discuss with the applicant, for a maximum time of 30 minutes, about the exposed scientific knowledge and about all the aspects that they consider relevant in relation to the subject. And they will evaluate his/her knowledge of the call´s profile and of the innovations and scientific advances that he/she has experienced, as well as his/her vision of the evolution of the area in the future and of the possible research lines.

Merits (Up to 10 points)
Up to 4 points: his/her knowledge and vision of the evolution of the scientific or technological research area.
Up to 6 points: The applicant’s contribution to the advancement of knowledge. The degree of innovation, originality and feasibility of the lines of research to be developed.

Final score
The final score of each applicant in this phase will be determined by the sum of the scores assigned in each of the sections, being necessary to reach at least 5 points to pass this phase.

  Juan de la Cierva-formación contracts

Until January, 28th, 2019  

We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic candidates with a PhD in the Biomedical field, interested in pursuing a posdoctoral research in Neuroscience in the laboratory of Dr. Aixa Morales at the Cajal Institute

Download pdf



Until September, 30th, 2017  

A postdoctoral contract at the Instituto Cajal-CSIC (Madrid) is offered to a researcher with experience in this field willing to execute a postdoctoral stay to investigate about the "differential molecular mechanisms between the pathological and functional amyloids". The selected candidate will be integrated in a very stimulating work environment and a very productive moment of the laboratory. We have funding from European projects. Immediate incorporation.


Download pdf

  PHd Fellowship

Until January, 20th, 2016  

We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic candidates with a Master´s degree in the Biomedical field interested in pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience at the laboratory of Dr. Aixa Morales at the Cajal Institute.


Download pdf

Post-doc position open to work on control of brain glucose handling by insulin peptides


At least 2 years of postdoctoral experience in advanced molecular techniques required. References are a must. A two year renewable contract is offered with salary commensurate with experience.

Contact: Ignacio Torres Aleman.
Cajal Institute.
Email: torres at cajal.csic.es.
Phone: 34 91 5854723.


Ayudante de Laboratorio


Se requiere persona con titulación FP de la especialidad y permiso B de uso de animales de experimentación.
Se requiere experiencia demostrable en el uso de animales y técnicas usuales de biología celular y molecular.

La persona seleccionada se encargará del mantenimiento diario del laboratorio, incluyendo gestión de pedidos.
Se ofrece contrato de 3 años con 1 mes de prueba inicial y un salario de 17.500 euros/año en 14 pagas (baremo CSIC).

Tareas a realizar:

  • Manejo de animales de experimentacion y genotipado
  • Tecnicas de neurocirugía para raton
  • Técnicas de bioquímica general e inmunometría (ELISA...etc)
  • Cultivos celulares
  • Tecnicas básicas de biologia molecular

Contact: Ignacio Torres Aleman.
Cajal Institute.
Email: torres at cajal.csic.es.
Phone: 34 91 5854723.


  At the moment there are no job openings

At the moment there are no job openings at the CAJAL Institute

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